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*it's time to jump*
*and fall into safety*
Summer reading 2009 
20th-May-2009 02:54 pm
Summer Reading:

The Soloist
Sand Chronicle 1
Sand Chronicle 2
Sand Chronicle 3
Sand Chronicle 4
Sand Chronicle 5
Are You There Vodka, It's Me Chelsea'
Hot Gimmick 1
Hot Gimmick 2
Hot Gimmick 3
Hot Gimmick 4
Hot Gimmick 5
Bleach 26

Movies Seen:
Donnie Darko
Mummies 3
Monsters v. Aliens
Definitely, Maybe
Ponyo from Ghibli (which was cute)
Harry Potter

Need to do list:
GRE's- Did and base scores were min for me to get to apply. I'll take it again in a month or so to cushion the scores
Learn German- Yeah, not gonna happen
Grad School- I have a nice list
Pick a master's program to study- Anthropology and Archaeology
Keep losing weight
Keep track of money
Senior Project proposal

Things done:
Saved Money
Looked at Cars
Got people's screennames that would never do it before now
Bought a lot of books
bought 2 suits
Jumped into the river
Taken plenty of photos
Got to see Jeff Dunham and take photos
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